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I feel like I need to say this, so people can keep their White Savior bullshit away from me:

If you think white people adopting black babies from the magically exotic land of ~*~*Africa*~*~*~ is a good idea, I’m pretty sure I hate you because that is one of the most ignorant ideas to have ever existed. If you think white people adopting black babies, period, is a good idea, I also think you’re ridiculous.

You want to know why I feel this way?


No white person on this planet can EVER understand what racism feels like and how fucked up it can make you. How it can cause all sorts of psychological damage and self-worth/esteem problems. And to be honest, white people don’t know how to empathize with black people on that topic AT ALL. I’m pretty sure those White Savior Parents, when they DO have to talk to their exotic black babies about racism, fuck that up too by taking the colorblind stance. ”We’re all human. It’s bad to treat other humans that way. HERE PLAY WITH YOUR WHITE BARBIES.” And of course White Savior Parents don’t know how to make sure their exotic black babies never lose sight of their culture or where they come from. You don’t know how important it is to constantly be around people who look like you when your toys, tv shows, movies, coloring books, etc. almost NEVER have someone in them that look like you. Going home, to a black family, was therapeutic for me when I was little (something I realized while I was in high school) and in classes where there were only 2 or 3 other black kids in a classroom of 28.

And don’t give me that, “But what if teh bebehs need homes” bullshit, because you know what? Black people are looking to adopt too. Why are White Savior Parents the go-to in international adoption? Just stop. I’m pretty sure there are an endless number of white babies/children who need adopting in this very country.

Oyinbo bigyai so. Boh, lef! Go fen yu yon wet pekin. Du ya, ar beg. Lef we fayn pekin dem.

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